100Mips DSP MCU for motor control is Microchip’s smallest

100Mips DSP MCU for motor control is Microchip's smallest

Called dsPIC33CK, is is a stripped down version of the recently announced dual-core dsPIC33CH family, with the same core and peripherals. This is the dsPIC33 ‘C’ core with DSP engine. For fast control loops, it includes expanded context selected registers to reduce interrupt latency, added instructions to accelerate digital signal processing, tight peripheral coupling and fast clocking.

It is small, and is available in packages down to a 5x5mm 36pin μQFN, and up to a 12x12mm 80pin  TQFP.

Processing is at up to 100Mips, according to the firm suiting the 16bit processor to controlling multiple sensor-less, brush-less motors running field-oriented control algorithms and power factor correction.

Automotive sensors and industrial automation are other targets.

The firm is promoting it as route to more performance for dsPIC33E and dsPIC33F users, and there is a migration guide for shifting from dsPIC33EP-GS to dsPIC33CK.

Development tools include the dsPIC33CK Curiosity dev board (DM330030)

Then there are a couple of plug-in boards (external op-amp MA330041-1, internal op-amp MA330041-2) for motor control development board including MCLV-2, MCHV-2, MCHV-3 and ‘low voltage motor control bundle’, and a plug-in module with the device on (MA330042) for the firm’s Explorer 16/32 development board.