Side-detection switches are darn small


FDSD switches are 4.20 x 3.60 x 1.20mm, with optional flat or bent terminals for PCB mounting.

The SPST-NO beryllium copper contacts have a resistance of less than 1Ω and are rated for 10mA at 5Vdc with a lifetime of 50,000 operations.

A maximum force of 40g is required and the lever can travel through an angle of 60° – or 3.05mm.

FDSE is instead normally closed – SPST-NC – and housed in the same package size. Contacts are again beryllium copper with 50,000 operation lifetime.

The contact resistance is less than 3Ω and an electrical rating of 1mA at 5Vdc.

Operation requires a maximum force of 35g and the lever can travel through 60° – or 3.14 mm.

“Both of the new product families offer long travel detection in an incredibly small PCB-mount package, allowing for a wide range of travel detection where limited space is available.

Operation is over -10 to +60°C and applications are foreseen in consumer electronics, medical devices and safety control applications. “For example,” said C&K, “the switches are commonly used in inhalers to detect the presence of a cartridge in order to activate medicine delivery and to confirm the dose has been dispensed.”

3D models are available in a variety of file formats from the company website.

They come in a standard 1 reel of 3,500 devices.