Electronica: Waterproof professional connectors for outdoor use

Lemo-FSG_T connector

“This product is similar to what had been announced previously, but this time it’s an evolution of the product that make this solution watertight to IP68, meaning it can be used outdoors, under the rain, it can sustain water splash and short duration under the water. In another words it means that the product includes an o-ring and a specific mechanical construction to offer water-tightness,” Lemo marketing manager Serge Buechli told Electronics Weekly.

Called the FSG model, it is part of the firm’s T series, available in size 0T, 1T and 2T (respectively: 10, 13 and 17mm diameter across the knurled bit).

The Anglissimo concept allows the cable to exit in one of eight pre-defined directions (evenly spaced at 45° intervals) when it is assembled, with the aim of reducing cable clutter in the final product.

Electronics Weekly has requested part numbers and a web page link.